Border nai is an open source initiative to spread awareness about the cultures of the world. Here we dedicate ourselves to spreading knowledge about different countries and breaking stereotypes.

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To travel is to see.
If you want to truly live in a land without borders, there are no better alternatives than seeing the strange outfits, tasting the funny looking food and stepping out of your homes. By home we mean not the four walls and a roof but the familiar faces, the known languages and the ever known tastes.
step out, experience the lives and embrace the diversity!
Here is a glimpse of the antiquated city.

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The name “Border Nai” (No Borders) might come off as odd at first glance. One might end up asking themselves what is Border Nai?

We started the 2020’s with a new vision, a new perspective on the world and our borders. The idea of Border Nai is the farthest thing from a materialistic bookshop or a travel agency. We will help you access knowledge (I.e books) from other countries while inspiring you to travel and see. Stay with us to witness tales of adventure, travel and books. Leave us with a shared dream, the dream of a world without barbed wire fences.

While it may be impossible to achieve a truly borderless world but “Border Nai” is an abstract, an idea where your mind transcends the physical lines drawn by ethnicity/politics and war. It will help us embrace diversity, dilute racist views and diminish stereotyping. We at Border Nai will help you gain that world view, that mindset with our books and inspiring travel stories. We will guide you to expand the horizons of your mind and cross the borders of man to truly become a citizen of the Globe.